Jac. The People’s Chair
Jac. The People’s Chair

In collaboration with Schamburg + Alvisse, Jac draws on the impressive calibre of this design house to deliver a chair for the people. Combining elegance and comfort, with strength and stamina, we give you the people’s chair.

Designed by partners Marc Schamburg and Michael Alvisse (Schamburg + Alvisse), Jac is a new collection of workplace and lifestyle chairs at Zenith. Bringing the duo’s innovative thinking to the challenge, Jac combines everyday comfort, style and elegance with endurance, confidence and strength. The warmth and intimacy of this beautifully resolved chair has natural application across myriad interior solutions from workplace and education to hospitality. Continuing the sustainable design ethos of Schamburg + Alvisse, Zenith has introduced an initiative that will help ensure the longevity of our forests. For every Jac chair you buy, a tree is planted.

Versatile, innovative, balanced and pragmatic, Jac is a stayer. Designed to be a pleasure to work with, meet any design challenge through a range of cohesive design configurations, and ensure perfect harmony with its surroundings. At the leading edge of global furniture design Jac is a trendsetter with the confidence and elegance to make a strong impression. That said, Jac can seamlessly shift from the centre of attention to team player, and work collaboratively to contribute to a collective overall effect.

“Beyond fad or fashion, good design merges simplicity with unconditional support and endurance.” Marc Schamburg (Schamburg + Alvisse)

Jac offers aesthetic longevity commensurate with its engineered strength and rigour of build. Designed to deliver luxury at an affordable price, Jac is a cohesive collection of high-quality, reliable and versatile products. The collection includes side chairs, tub chairs and stools.

Intended to create spaces for people to focus, share, collaborate, socialise and learn, the beauty is in the details. After five years in development, it’s time to say ‘hello’ to Jac – the people’s chair.
Versatile bases provide a choice of metal or timber legs and sleds, while powder-coat options can be implemented to tonally match your environment. Sitting and standing options further expands the offering to suit meetings, or perhaps relaxing and socialising around a bar.

Well-built and practical. Above all comfortable. As Zenith owns the production and manufacturing process, all elements of Jac are designed, developed and assembled to meet local health and safety standards, and global precedents in quality. The partnership with Schamburg + Alvisse has allowed Zenith to push the boundaries of innovative thinking.


“In our throwaway times, Jac offers two lasting luxuries: craftsmanship and comfort.” Michael Alvisse (Schamburg + Alvisse)

Ingrained sustainability is a key Zenith consideration: “For every Jac chair you buy, a tree is planted”. By introducing this initiative we’re continuing the sustainable design ethos of Schamburg + Alvisse and helping to ensure the longevity of our forests. The current project that we are contributing to (in partnership with One Tree Planted) is a five-year project to plant up to one million trees in Bushfire Recovery Nurseries around Australia. Given the impact of Australia’s devastating bushfires in 2019/20, the Bushfire Recovery Nurseries will be the first step in significant replanting following the impact of the bushfires on tree species’ in gravely affected areas.


Building products for people, Zenith has created Jac – the people’s chair.

Contemporary workplaces combine leading edge technology with physical elements to promote collaborative environments where a broad range of work modes is supported. Zenith, in turn, collaborates with each of its clients to achieve a deep understanding of the unique attributes of the organisation. Finding solutions that fit both cultural and practical needs, Zenith has further tailored these solutions through products for living spaces that inspire people and organisations to excel.

Schamburg + Alvisse

Schamburg + Alvisse bring their experience of interior design and architecture to furniture design.

Pioneers of sustainable furniture design and manufacture, Schamburg + Alvisse have designed to an ethos of sustainability throughout their practice career. Highly regarded within the design industry, Schamburg + Alvisse are recent recipients of the Gold Award by Good Design Australia 2018. Part of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, their work has been exhibited in Milan’s Triennale Museum, San Jose Museum of Art and Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.

Jac is easily specified by architects, interior designers and curators of modern workplaces. Contemporary and configurable with custom options, Jac fits right in.
Working directly with large corporations and organisations with internal operations management, Zenith works with culture, change and facilities management teams to develop internal workspace environments – ‘curators of modern workspaces’. Community projects that include collaborating with internal teams (such as with healthcare and education) also benefit from working in close collaboration to develop unique products for unique spaces with unique features and experiences.

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