Introducing ALTER by Scott Fitzsimons for Zenith
Introducing ALTER by Scott Fitzsimons for Zenith

The cultivated frame and soft edges of Zenith’s ALTER collection ushers in the ‘destination workplace’, fostering the full-spectrum of interactions that reside in the modern workplace – the planned and the impromptu, nimble to the social and the formal.

Designed by New Zealand-based Scott Fitzsimons, ALTER carries a minimal and elegant expression through an extended range of lounge chairs, benches and coffee table.

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Fitzsimons says that the abundance of work environments now available to the employee has called upon the office to offer more than simply a desk.

“Whilst certain tasks might still call for a typical desk-based workstation, our work setting can now be our homes, a cafe or a hotel lobby.  It makes sense that our workplaces have to become environments we must actually want to be, rather than simply a place that we have to go to.”

ALTER answers this call with a fundamental aesthetic. The beauty of solid wood is celebrated in the refined frame, gently supporting the soft and inviting seating surfaces above and matched with a warm palette rarely seen in workplace furniture. By humanising the workspace and emulating the aesthetic of the domestic environment, we experience a sense of familiarity and emotional comfort.

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Built from solid natural materials that will last beyond passing trends and endure the rigours of the modern commercial office.

“The ALTER range offers a lounge setting that feels familiar, where one can pause alone to focus on the task at hand, and equally, serendipitous connections and social interactions can occur,” says Fitzsimons.

Alter Lounge Chair, Alter Bench Seat and Alter Coffee Table