Case Study: Colliers new Singapore office exemplifies sustainability and innovation
Case Study: Colliers new Singapore office exemplifies sustainability and innovation

Colliers is a global leader in diversified professional services and investment management with offices in 66 countries around the world. Focused on collaboration, teamwork, and service excellence, Colliers Singapore chose the like-minded Zenith to provide high quality, contemporary and sustainable furniture solutions for their new office premises. With employee wellness as a driving factor, Zenith provided a suite of furnishings that personified and aligned with the values and aesthetic of Colliers.

Colliers has achieved prominence through their unwavering commitment to innovation, pioneering transformative approaches that redefine industry standards. This is exemplified in their choice of Denn as the primary task chair for their Singapore Office. Denn is a groundbreaking seating solution that ushers in a new era in functionality, sustainability and aesthetics.

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Orbis Workstation, Denn Chair

Denn utilises an ingenious automated mechanism which intuitively adjusts to the body, giving perfect support through infinite movements and postures, without the need for manual adjustments. Denn has also been designed to meet the BIFMA strength, durability and ergonomic guidelines for task seating.

Denn embraces a calm, inspiring residential aesthetic. Its unique design sets it apart in the task chair market, offering a refreshing departure from conventional office seating. With clean minimalist lines and seven statement colour choices, Denn was the ideal choice for Colliers.

“Denn Chair provided the modern aesthetic to personify and align with the direction of our business…Our Singapore office has been designed to be very open, productive and collaborative, so the clean aesthetic and features of the Denn chair was ideal, and the blue mesh backing aligns with our corporate colours perfectly.” Chris White-Colliers Senior Director-Head of Project Management.

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Denn Chair, Estate Table

Having dedicated areas and furnishings that align with work tasks is an invaluable resource: Workers can move to a setting that best fits the task at hand.  Estate is a table system that is distinguished by its grounded pedestals which come in a selection of profiles. Serving as either an individual work-point table or a collaboration setting, Estate creates a ‘neighbourhood’ for specific modes of work, aligning with Colliers goal of collaboration.

As a quintessential all-rounder chair, Colliers chose JAC for its perfect confluence of elegance, clean lines and comfort. Thoughtfully designed and robustly manufactured, JAC effortlessly fulfills the seating needs for a multitude of spaces and applications. JAC also aligned with Collier’s commitment to sustainability: For every JAC sold a tree is planted through Zenith’s Sustainability initiative in Asia.

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Kissen Table, Denn Chair

For a versatile, multi-functional table, Colliers opted for the inimitable Kissen. With a charming distinctive leg profile, Zenith’s Kissen-named after the German word for cushion- has proven popular for the design conscious office. Designed with the physical and functional requirements of today’s varied office work modes in mind, the Zenith design team created the Kissen table to foster connection. Whether collaborative group work or social connection, this is a table created for interactivity.

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Orbis Workstation, Denn Chair

Fundamental to Colliers focus on staff wellbeing was providing workstations that support healthy independent focus. Colliers chose Zenith’s Orbis workstations: Orbis is exceptionally stable and sturdy, yet uncompromising in visual appeal. The height adjustable feature allows for effortless individual customization. Supporting easy collaboration, Orbis can be configured in a number of ways to facilitate individual or collaborative work modes, while the alternating desk height feature helps combat muscle inactivity and increase circulation.

Zenith's furniture solution for Colliers Singapore exemplifies a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. From the innovative Denn chair to the versatile Kissen table and ergonomic Orbis workstations, every piece reflects Colliers' ethos of excellence and employee well-being, creating an inspiring environment for collaboration and productivity.

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