Zenith Launches Ad-Lib Scholar
Zenith Launches Ad-Lib Scholar

Senator, part of The Senator Group, represented exclusively in Australia by Zenith, has set out to change the landscape of educational and training environments by launching Ad-Lib ‘Scholar’. This innovative design is the latest addition to the brand’s Ad-Lib range of multi-purpose seating and tables.

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Designed by award winning designers PearsonLloyd and developed in collaboration with The Senator Group’s development team, Ad-Lib Scholar provides a clever solution to the changing needs of the education and training sectors. Innovation, ergonomics and user insights come together to create a chair which not only looks stylish, but is very pragmatic too.

Robert Mustoe, Managing Director of The Senator Group, said:

“The modern learning environment is changing very quickly. People no longer sit transfixed by a teacher and board on one wall – they move around, engage with each other and collaborate together on projects. This, coupled with students being encouraged to use electronic devices, has made the classroom a far more energetic place and reduces the emphasis on the traditional desk or table.

Mobility is central to the design of Ad-Lib Scholar. Castors and the option of a swivel mechanism ensure the chair can be moved quickly and efficiently into any required sitting configuration.


Ad-Lib Scholar features an innovative orbital fold down work surface to offer the optional use of a tablet, laptop or notepads. A sophisticated knuckle allows the surface to swivel upwards quickly and smoothly from the vertical ‘parked’ position, to sit either to the side or in front of the chair. It can also be moved to accommodate a right or left handed user.

When using Ad-Lib Scholar in conjunction with a desk, the work surface can be folded neatly to the rear. This unique feature also helps to reduce the overall footprint of the chair, supporting easy storage when required.


In designing Ad-Lib Scholar, special attention was paid to the movement taking place in dynamic learning environments. This understanding inspired the development of an intelligent base which can comfortably hold a bag and other personal items. The base also integrates a cup holder, reducing the possibility of spillages and extending the working area. Ergonomically designed, the base has a silhouette that allows the user to tuck their heels underneath the chair to help with standing, sitting and wheeling in and out of table space.


Luke Pearson of PearsonLloyd added:

“Ad-Lib Scholar is a chair designed in particular for education and training. One of the great changes in learning environments these days is that there isn’t the same emphasis on the desk, with people bringing their own tools to work. In creating Ad-Lib Scholar we have integrated work and storage space to accommodate these needs.”

“Ad-Lib Scholar is predominantly designed to be mobile, with a degree of mobility given by the wheels and a smaller degree by the seat to create micro-movements that keep people attentive and rested.”

Ad-Lib Scholar is available in plastic or upholstered models and in various striking colours to create inspirational spaces dedicated to learning and collaboration.


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