Zenith Connect- Tech integrated furniture solutions that deliver
Zenith Connect- Tech integrated furniture solutions that deliver

In recent years technology has become an essential part of our personal and professional lives. For businesses specifically, technology in the workplace has redefined operational processes as well as employee behaviours and expectations. This flow of innovative technology has greatly influenced employee experience: Connection, automation and information are available at the stroke of a key. Subsequently, businesses are increasingly relying on newer technologies to leverage a decisive edge in the workplace and marketplace.


Zenith Connect discerningly assess the latest emerging technologies and select the most innovative to integrate with commercial furniture solutions. Through their four-pronged digitalisation strategy (learning, experimentation, engagement and creation) The latest offerings from Zenith Connect continue this undertaking.

Orbis Adapt

The Orbis Adapt battery powered workstation developed in partnership with OE Elsafe is a world first, cable free workplace solution. Orbis Adapt demonstrates Zenith’s commitment to developing innovative solutions by addressing two common frustrations in workplaces today: The need for spatial flexibility and freedom from cable clutter.  Providing the flexibility to reconfigure a workspace by wheeling the workstation to any area that fits the task, allows the user to work where they work best. Orbis Adapt also gives the freedom for training centres and seminars to configure their space according to layout and attendance requirements.


What really sets Orbis Adapt apart, however, is the unique wiring loom.
The solution features a highly resolved power delivery system, including a range of electronic and component-based innovations. At the centre of the system is a purpose designed commercial workspace battery which will reliably power the height adjustment mechanism, monitor and all peripheral devices for a full day or more from a single charge.


This charging feature is made possible through the integration of one, two or three batteries depending on the amount of power being consumed by the occupant. The battery enabled Orbis Adapt empowers users to change their workspace in accordance with their spatial needs throughout the day. With untethered connectivity, whether collaborating or working alone, Orbis Adapt enables workers to create the workspaces that best serves the task being performed in real-time.

Puck 4

Zenith Connect Puck

One of Zenith Connect’s most insightful offerings is its space reservation solution, the Zenith Connect Puck. With hybrid and on-the-go workers, the ‘puck’ offers businesses greater spacial utilisation and  usage data. The Zenith Connect Puck is a work point integrated desk reservation system that provides effortless check-in and check-out, occupancy sensing and wireless/wired device charging. Employees are able to pre-book a desk, choosing a setting suitable to their tasks. They can then check-in at the desk ‘puck‘ with a company access card, or their smartphone. The follow-me-ergonomics solution allows electric workstations to automatically adjust to the users’ preferred settings.


Floorsense have built on their puck technology to develop the latest iteration, the Zenith Connect Puck. Through ongoing discovery, the latest upgrades have been created to enhance user ease and experience. The Zenith Connect Puck provides multi-functional dual buttons, 5 x progressive LED lights, USB function that now provides a world leading 100w, an enhanced speaker for notifications, a slimmer design through a low-profile, and an integrated splitter for features including swipe-for-power and follow-me-ergonomics; giving the Zenith Connect Puck a more discreet aspect with far greater functionality.

The integration of technology into furniture solutions simplifies how people work. By providing tools that empower the user to work more efficiently, engagement and productivity are optimised. Improved productivity, in turn, can deliver tangible results and significant competitive advantage. Zenith Connect’s tech integrated furniture solutions deliver transformative outcomes for the modern and future workspace.

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