The Digitisation of the Modern Workplace

Curators of the Modern
Connected Workspace

We all know technology is a gamechanger for business. In the last few years it’s become the main driver for change and innovation, making its implementation and integration a high priority for all our clients.  

As curators of your modern connected workspace, we guide you through the pick of the best emerging technologies, and integrate them into your furniture solutions. 

In this way we ensure technology not only transforms your business operations, but also delivers inspirational experiences to all your employees.  

We're your Digital Transformation Partner

We're your Digital Transformation Partner

As holistic workspace specialists, we understand how technology should be integrated into your furniture products and solutions to create an Internet of Things that connects your business. 

Because the digitisation of work and the workplace is an integrated, collaborative and long-term strategy, we work side-by-side with your teams. Sharing insights and requirements, we ensure a company-wide roadmap is adopted that coordinates budgets and timelines for an effective transformation across the business. 

Following this curated engagement model, we develop furniture which successfully aligns with digitalised work, and overcomes the complexities of integrating hardware, software and the associated human centric interconnections. 

Successful digitisation 
A four-pronged strategy

We see the digitisation of the workplace as a four-pronged strategy - integrating our core skills of learning, experimentation, engagement and creation.  

Understanding the role workspace furniture plays in all four of these areas allows us to deliver effective product solutions. 

Our Partners in Transformation

We don’t deliver your digital transform alone. We have the collaboration of our global partners, who are all leaders in the field of digital immersion, connected systems, motorised automations, power storage and power distribution.

Together, we ensure your furniture solutions are innovative, functional, and secure, while always being elegant and sophisticated.

Solutions by Zenith Connect 

Creating an agile and flexible workplace

For organisations looking to create agile workspaces for a flexible team, Floorsight, Floorsense and Smartalock provide the services you need to make these spaces highly functional and completely secure. 



In the agile workplace, people are working from different stations each day, so they need personal storage away from the desk to enable them to store personal belongings.


Rooms compliments booking the physical space to support virtual meetings created in other systems. Also offering a rich analytics system to report on room occupancy vs room size and drill down on busy periods to find peaks based on room features.

Floorsense App Upgrade

Floorsense App Upgrade now supports Team-Based Booking. Easily reserve an entire section on the floorplan for your team and let each member claim their preferred workstation within the designated space.

The world's first integrated
battery powered cable-free
desking solution.


Creating Immersive Experiences

By developing inhouse Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, Zenith is helping partners and clients visualise and experience their custom product and floor fitouts before they’re manufactured, developed and installed.

The Future is Soft

Zenith and Mond Qu, founder of Melbourne-based think-tank and multi-disciplinary studio United Make, have co-designed The Future is Soft: an electrifying new client experience that both invents and investigates the future of ‘phygital’ work.


Read More on the Future is Soft 

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