DIWAN lounge chair

The etymological root of the word Diwan has had a long journey from India to Persia, through the Ottoman Empire and throughout the Maghreb: the diwan was the “ambassador room” where the royalty received foreign dignitaries. As a token of appreciation, these guests were entertained with all manner of luxuries, one of which was to recline comfortably to parley. Hence, in Europe, the word divan refers to a long cushioned seat, usually without a back to lie down on. Whether as a coquettish piece for the bedroom or to be enjoyed during long conversations with friends; as a bench for a museum or other public space, a long composition for a large waiting area, the Diwan range will offer you a luxury seating.
Length: 720mm
Width: 820mm
Seat Height: 410mm
Overall Height: 760mm
Lead Time
More than 16 Weeks


Claudia Pérez and Pedro Ochando combine two professional profiles to carry out different projects in the graphic and product design disciplines. Their works provide answers to real needs and propose solutions as functional as conceptual with a pure, elegant and timeless aesthetic. In addition to offering consulting and art direction services, they work as teachers in different universities and design schools and collaborate simultaneously in workshops in which they share their experience as designers.