Lite on your environment, Lite on your body, Lite on your resources.

Belite Chair, Belite Drafting Chair


Belite Drafting Chair

  • Flex Back
  • Flex Seat
  • Dynamic Suspension
  • Seat Height 559-782mm
  • Foot Ring
  • Height Adjustable Arms
  • Constructed from postconsumer recycled PET bottles, corn by-products and foam derived from soy.
  • Stocked styles, finishes and colours may vary (AUS/NZ only)

Lead Time Guide: 8-10 Weeks

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Introducing BeLite.

The sweet spot where performance, conscience, and value resonate.

Fewer parts. Smarter materials. Better performance.

Clever engineering ensures that BeLite?s minimal part count delivers flexible and responsive performance. Our values define us, as do our choices. Constructed from sustainable materials, BeLite reflects the continuing trend toward environmentally conscious workplaces.

Lite on your body: Movement, versatility, responsive performance and comfort. BeLite flexes and moves to accommodate your every change in position. This versatility enables you to move seamlessly through a variety of postures and situations in today?s kinetic workplace. An intelligent, contoured backframe with elastometric skin is designed to provide you with comfort and support in any seating position.

Cushioned armrests working in unison with an ergonomic, flexible seat enable a 270 degree radius of supported sitting. This enables you to sit comfortably in a position dictated by you, and supported by the chair. A flexible dynamic suspension system uses your body as a counter balance, enabling you to recline without having to adjust any levers or componentry.

This evolution in responsivity provides the ability to move without interruption between rest, interaction and application.

Move freely without adjustment.

Lite on your environment: Innovative in its simplicity, every detail of the BeLite chair was examined through an environmental lens. Constructed from postconsumer recycled PET bottles, corn by-products and foam derived from soy, it is a design equally concerned with comfort for your body, as it is comfort for your mind. BeLite has only seven major parts, requires ten standard screws for assembly and weighs 57% less than most high performance chairs. This means less manufacturing energy, less componentry and more consideration given to sustainability and minimising environmental impact.

BeLite is an innovative approach to sustainable, high performance seating that lets you rest easy.

Lite on your resources: Through a considered and intelligent use of lightweight intuitive materials, BeLite has been streamlined to maintain an exceptional level of responsive performance whilst being affordable within a wide range of budgets. A reduction in adjustable, moving elements provides new levels of product durability. BeLite is designed to last. It?s what?s been taken away that provides you with more.



Formway is a research-led studio designing products for some of the world’s most well-known and innovative furniture brands.

For over 50 years, Formway has focused on designing high performance seating and established a reputation for delivering world-class residential and commercial products.

Formway’s designs are informed by insights gained through observation and consideration of human behavior. Their passion for people and design underpins their ability to create innovative solutions that fulfil genuine user needs.