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AD-LIB scholar chair

Ad-Lib scholar recognizes the changing nature of learning environments. Today the structured formality of learning environments is being replaced by the need for more interactive and flexible spaces, where students move continually from collective to individual settings. Ad-Lib Scholar delivers a comprehensive solution with dynamic flexibility.
Length: 610mm
Width: 635mm
Seat Height: 475mm
Overall Height: 905mm
Lead Time
14 - 16 Weeks

Meet the

Pearson Lloyd

Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd who first met while studying Furniture Design and Industrial Design respectively, at London's prestigious Royal College of Art, didn't form their multi award winning product and furniture design consultancy, until 1997, having first spent a number of years working independently of each other for other highly acclaimed design studios.


Both derive great joy and excitement from what they do; the surprises that they find along the way; materials and processes; team working; users and places; and pursuing the essential. They have created stunning solutions for a variety of International clients, including manufacturers, consumer brands, and government organisations.

Pearson Lloyd