Haven Pods

Haven Pods provide a defined space for individual focused work and spaces for team collaboration.



Haven Pod Team Resource

  • Quick release panel connector system
  • Levelling adjusters
  • Two tone upholstery

Lead Time Guide: 14-16 Weeks

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Haven Pods

Haven Pods provide a defined space for individual focused work and space for team collaboration

The innovative geometric design enables Haven Pods to nestle and tessellate to maximise available space, allowing the creation of a community of environments and destinations. Ideal for either an individual within a desk based environment looking for a space to concentrate or a temporary place to work, or for teams to gather for formal or impromptu meetings, presentations or to simply relax away from busier environments.

Haven Pods have been designed to work as a furniture system rather than a more complex architectural screen or partition system. Therefore they have no impact on the surrounding environmental management and control systems within a building. They can simply be erected, plugged in, taken down and relocated, without the need for complex or lengthy installations, with no component redundancy as each is designed as a stand-alone unit.

SOLO, SOLO PLUS, DUO & QUAD: Two Heights - 1400mm Mid Height Pods; 1800mm Full Height Pods

Solo Solo provides a solution for short term desk based environments, be it for the individual focused work away from the general workstation environment or as a temporary location for a non-desk-based employee. Solo incorporates desktop power and vertical cable management. The 1800mm high Solo incorporates a switchable task light. The increased height delivers both additional visual and acoustic privacy

Solo Plus Solo Plus builds upon the functionality of the Solo but with a larger footprint and wider work surface. Solo Plus incorporates a desktop power and vertical cable management. The 1800mm high Solo Plus incorporates a switchable task light. The increased height delivers both additional visual and acoustic privacy.

Duo Most impromptu meetings within the office environment will tend to be within small groups, at workstations which disrupts colleagues. Formal meeting spaces tend to be for larger groups, so using these is inefficient. Duo provides a location for ad-hoc, face to face meetings and its compact footprint allows it to be collocated within workstation environments. Duo incorporates a table top power solution and vertical cable management. The 1800mm high Duo incorporates a switchable task light. The increased height delivers both additional visual and acoustic privacy.

Quad Providing a compact stand-alone meeting solution for up to four people, its footprint easily allows the Quad to be positioned strategically. It can be placed amongst workspaces individually, in clusters as a meeting place or as a booth seating solution. Quad incorporates bench seating along its sides, allowing provision for your choice of freestanding table.


Team Work Team Work provides, as its name suggests, a structure for teams to work together. Its footprint allows for up to six people to be accommodated. Team Work does not include any internal furnishings but can encapsulate freestanding furniture solutions providing privacy to that setting. Team Work is also available with a support panel upon which to mount a screen or integrate the Together Media Unit with an Ad-Lib table. This approach makes the Team Work Pod perhaps the most flexible within the range, as video conferencing and sharing of information on large format screens, by multiple users, becomes more commonplace in the office.

Team Meeting Creating informal environments for team meetings where groups of up to ten can meet to talk and share, for the morning briefing, the quick brainstorm or the afternoon coffee. The bench seat solution and you choice of freestanding central table support a concept of quick & private discussions.

Team Resource Within open plan office environments it is more common today for employees to share resources like printers, scanners and facsimile machines. Aside from the general ambient noise of an office it is generally accepted it is these kind of devices whirring into life that provide much of the acoustic and visual distraction of colleagues utilising them. Team Resource provides a centralised location for these shared resources along with storage for consumables such as paper, cartridges and waste solutions including recycling stations all within the acoustic shadow of the Haven Pod system.


Mark Gabbertas

After eight years as an account manager at the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Mark Gabbertas was ready for a change. He set up his design studio in 1992 after completing cabinetmaking apprenticeships with the London workshop of Stemmer & Sharp Design and James Codrington Furniture in Somerset.

From the beginning, Gabbertas objective was to produce innovative and elegant designs that owe nothing to the vagaries of fashion. He intends each piece, to stand the test of time and retain its freshness through an understanding of proportion, materials and production techniques.

Soon Gabbertas work grew from projects for small private clients to large commercial organizations, including an outdoor public seating system for Tate Britain, a table collection for The Conran Shop, and outdoor pieces for Gloster. The Royal Festival Hall showcased Gabbertas work during the London Design Festival.

In 1995, Mark was commissioned to design the 3 degree chair that was designed for the Atelier restaurant in Soho, which won the FX furniture in Practice award and was subsequently licensed to Allermuir, which proved the start of a relationship which continues to this day.

In 1996 Mark was sponsored by Hille to preview the Tubby chair at Orgatec, which again was licensed ultimately to Allermuir.

In 2002 he established the Gabbertas Studio in West London which has undertaken projects for companies such as Artifex, Boss, Isis and Nomique and has created both the Tommo and Haven ranges for the Allermuir collection.

Gabbertas years in advertising helped shape his audiencedriven approach to his craft. The design of an object is heavily influenced by an appreciation of the commercial realities that surround it, he says. If a greatlooking design does not sell, perhaps it is not such a great design. His work, with its flowing, minimalist shapes, has all the elements of great design, and has garnered multiple awards from the Design Guild Mark, FX Design, Red Dot and others.