A playful high-performance acoustic solution with rotating capabilities.




  • Acoustic properties
  • Rotating connector
  • Wall mounted or suspended
  • Optional bicolour

Lead Time Guide: 14-16 Weeks

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BuzziDish marries design and function with the recognisable shape, reminiscent of a satellite dish. Featuring a fabric-upholstered body paired with a perforated structure and acoustic foam core interior, BuzziDish’s concave design efficiently mitigates noise by absorbing undesired sound waves. With a rotating connector attached to the back of the outside curvature, BuzziDish offers additional functionality and flexibility. Combine an array of panels, available wall or ceiling mounted, and turn the body in different directions for added acoustic impact and visual interest - creating something never before seen. Optional bicolour is also available.


Jeffrey Huyghe

Everything Jeffrey Huyghe creates has a spark of magic. Each design holds a moment of surprise while maintaining its original purpose.

With a background in industrial product design, mechanical engineering, and lighting, Belgian designer Jeffrey Huyghe has a broad understanding of different design disciplines. Architectural lighting was his first love and has only grown bigger throughout the years.

This, however, has not stopped the young talent from extending his portfolio to include other designs, for instance, acoustic solutions. Lighting or non-lighting, there is a common theme, a signature, that unites Jeffrey’s portfolio. Everything rotates. Everything is built to move and to surprise!