One for all. And all for one. A-Collection perfectly suitable for different areas.




  • Fully upholstered
  • Polished aluminium, powder coated legs or laminated oak wood

Lead Time Guide: 14-16 Weeks

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Named after and designed with the slim legs to be the letter "A" when viewed on the side, the collection consists of A-Chair, A-Bench, A-Lounge, A-Table and A-Pult.

A-CHAIR is a comfortable, easy to handle chair, that is able to be place in rows with only the width of a single leg visible. It consists of a chair with or without armrests in various models. It is available with two armrest options, fitted or integrated into the frame. It can stack vertically up to 15 chairs high with or without a trolley enabling to save space. It is available with optional soft arm caps, writing tablet, row linkage, seat and row numbering, and different upholstery options. It is ideal for seminars and cafeteria spaces.

A-BENCH is a modular system that always fit together perfectly – even when they are separated. It is made of high-quality moulded foam upholstery elements with pocket-sprung and cut foam inserts for outstanding seating comfort. It comes in various configurations with linear linking mechanisms, either in rows or at 90° angles, or in a curve, also available with alternating seat direction. Virtually invisible cross beams makes the seat elements appear to float.

A-LOUNGE is an upholstered single lounge chair ideal for waiting areas and breakout space.

A-TABLE is the perfect folding table that is easy to operate and can stack up to 10 high on a trolley. It is suitable for seminar, training and meeting rooms. When set up, the frame is flush with the table top side, providing more leg room and a more appealing look – when any two tables are placed in a row, their legs seem to merge.

A-PULT lectern, a tall stand with a sloping top to hold books or notes, perfect for giving presentations.


Jehs + Laub

Stuttgart designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub have been working together under the name of jehs+laub for more than 14 years. Their main focus of activity is on furniture, lamps and interior design. In 1992, they graduated as product design majors from the design university of applied sciences, the “hdpk” in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, a leading private university for the creative industries, and in 1994, they founded their design studio jehs+laub.

Asked about how the relationship between designer and manufacturer works, they reply: “It is like father and mother.” Next question: “And who’s the father?” Both: “The designer, of course!” Laub: “And the manufacturer is the mother. It is her who needs to incubate and develop, and finally the mutual child is born.”