ZNews / Giving Carers a Break

July 24, 2016

Giving Carers a Break

Patients aren’t the only ones that need attention. Caregivers need furniture that supports them and their specialized tasks.

Zenith’s CARE range provides ergonomic solutions to the unique challenges faced specifically by employees of the health­care industry. Zenith’s products are tailored to ensure that the emphasis is on collaboration and interaction amongst employees while also recognising the physical demands placed upon them.

Em­ployees are the most valuable asset of any organisa­tion. By recognising and celebrating their individual workstyles, healthcare pro­viders are able to ensure that their most valuable assets are well cared for. Zenith’s CARE range facilitates productivity through ergonomic design and aims to seamlessly combine administrative and working areas.

If caregivers can work efficiently and comfortably, their main focus can be on those who need it most.

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