About Us


ZENITH designs, manufactures and distributes leading edge products for corporate and commercial environments that inspire people and organisations to excel.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the organisations’ needs, we work in collaboration to create environments that bring people together to focus, share, collaborate, socialise and learn.



We're continuing the sustainable design ethos of Schamburg + Alvisse by introducing an initiative that will help ensure the longevity of our forests.

With every Jac sold a tree will be planted, The current project that we are contributing to is a five-year project to plant up to one million trees in Bushfire Recovery Nurseries around Australia. Given the impact of Australia’s devastating bushfires in 2019/20, the Bushfire Recovery Nurseries will be the first step in significant replanting following the impact of the bushfires on tree species’ in gravely affected areas.

Seedlings will be established from indigenous tree species in each of the nursery locations in NSW, ACT, Victoria and South Australia.