Acoustical performance and privacy with a twist

BuzziBlinds Straight, Wedge, Beach and Arch

Design by Alain Gilles

After the introduction in 2011 BuzziBlinds Classic became an instant hit as partitions for open-plan spaces. Five years later it’s time to add some zest to the family. BuzziBlinds are inspired on modernist architecture. The rhythm and tonalities created by the orientation of the V-cut BuzziBlinds add a dynamic of depth to any space.

BuzziBlinds Straight V cut
BuzziBlinds Straight V cut
BuzziBlinds Straight V cut Detail
BuzziBlinds Straight V cut Detail

The free-standing room divider is made up of a series of five rotating acoustic blinds. With a simple twist, the blinds can be opened or closed to varying degrees to create privacy or open-up a space. This gives individuals the opportunity to determine the level of privacy they may want or need at any given moment to concentrate on a specific task.

BuzziBlinds Wedge V cut
BuzziBlinds Wedge V cut
BuzziBlinds Wedge V cut
BuzziBlinds Wedge V cut
BuzziBlinds consists of 4 different shapes
BuzziBlinds consists of 4 different shapes

The Blinds are covered with plain BuzziFelt. Adding a V-cut feature to the BuzziFelt enhances a stronger architectural look in your space.

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Zenith FG

Welcome to Zenith FG, a majority owned indigenous enterprise.

Zenith FG is a proudly Australian entity created through the collaboration of First Grade group and Zenith Interiors.

We offer the supply of furniture and services to government and commercial markets, coupled with the ability to recruit, deploy and support indigenous employment.

FG-logoA leading Indigenous owned enterprise and prominent supplier to federal government, First Grade has already proven itself in the field.

FG is a dynamic and youthful recruitment and workforce solutions company, bringing specialist sector and regional expertise to every project to deliver exceptional results.

In 2015 the FG enterprise Young Guns Container Crew was awarded the title of Supply Nation ‘Certified Supplier of the Year’.

Zenith Interiors provide innovative solutions for all government and commercial environments.

Zenith has grown its manufacturing capabilities significantly across the Asia Pacifc region. Together with leading furniture designers and brands, Zenith has strengthened its role and credibility in the corporate and commercial furniture markets.

Zenith aims to build longstanding relationships with its clients and to provide a high level of service to them — whether they make one-off purchases or commission large-scale projects.

Zenith FG delivers greater support for indigenous employment.

Encourages both talent and supplier diversity, underlying our commitment to closing the gap on indigenous disadvantage. Ensuring first Australians are trained and recognised for excellence in the nation’s workplace.

Government experienced.

Both First Grade and Zenith Interiors are specialists in delivering tailored solutions for federal government and our team has expert knowledge and proven experience working with departments at all levels.


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More Added to the Toolkit

EDO Stage 2 is now released with longer lounges and a handy power module for recharging your devices and connecting via USB.  It even doubles as an armrest and table top, giving you many more opportunities to create unique landscapes to suit all the diverse activities in today’s office.

Zenith - Edo - Arrangment B

Inspired by the city of Tokyo (formerly known as Edo), the Edo 1 collection offers a preview of the technology rich Edo Workscape soon to follow.

Taking its cues from a mega city humanised by intimate teahouses, intriguing laneways and bustling courtyards, the clean architectural lines of the Edo Workscape promises designers a toolkit brimming with placemaking solutions.

Zenith - Edo - Arrangment C

Unlock your clients’ potential by offering them Edo’s spatial diversity: places for quiet focus time, places for private conversations, places for quiet collaboration and places for energetic team brainstorming.

The Edo kit of parts includes: removable armrests; variable back rest heights, a selection of base/leg options and now comes with a handy power module for recharging your devices and connecting via USB. It even doubles as an armrest and table top.

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