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The Lottus range boasts a smart collection of chairs, stools and tables. Perfectly suitable for use across the office and hospitality markets.



Lottus Confident

  • Optional swivel available
  • Optional castors
  • Optional antibacterial coating available

Lead Time Guide: 14-16 Weeks


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Lottus program chairs, stools and tables is the most complete of all. Offering a wide range of possibilities in different models and variants, such as combinations of finishes. In a bar, a restaurant, a cafe, at home, in a lecture room, a conference hall, a library, Lottus fits easily into public and private spaces. With its simple and wavy shapes, Lottus is elegant, comfortable and functional. A programme of chairs made up of injected polypropylene shells and lacquered or chromed metal tube frames. Polypropylene, fabrics, lacquers. Lottus allows you to play with and combine different materials. The polypropylene shells can be single-coloured or combined with a polypropylene or upholstered seat panel. Just choose the option you like best. The possibilities are endless. The large colour range, both for the shells and the fabrics, lets the Lottus chair adapt to any space, providing it with more personality. The Lottus stacking chairs are available on four legs in metal or wood, sled, 5 star with castors and swivel pedestal base. It also includes Lottus Confident 4R that comes in two back heights on swivel or fixed base, with or without arms. Equally the stool is available on sled, wood and swivel four leg and column square base and in two heights. The arms are available as wing arms, steel tube and cast aluminum. The seat and back shell are available in recyclable injected polypropylene in various colours, standard and high back, and in 2D and 3D wood. The lounge is available in four leg or sled base with 2D wood shell with an upholstered seat pad or fully upholstered shell, writing tablet and swivel base on low back version only is also available. Beam Seating with two, three, four and five seats with or without arms. There is also a range of children sized seats. Available in two heights; bar and dining, the collection of table bases; square, cross, wood and AL base design complements the diverse array of chairs and stools. Suitable for oval, round, square or custom sized tops the lacquered steel and wood bases are available in a number of colours, sturdy and offer a level, durable base. Without compromising the design of the collection, antibacterial properties have been added to prevent the transmission of infections spread through contact, making it the ideal seat for healthcare environments. With the addition of the chemical agent Vibatan PP/M Bacteriostatic 02518 to the polypropylene shell, the Lottus Plus antibacterial chair inhibits the reproduction of bacteria.


Lievore Altherr & Molina

Lievore Altherr Molina [LAM], was founded by Alberto Lievore, Jeannette Altherr and Manel Molina in 1991. Alberto Lievore was born in Buenos Aires to a family of Italian immigrants in 1948 and he studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. With the arrival of the Argentinian dictatorship, Lievore's departed for Spain. After spending time in Madrid, Lievore moved to Barcelona, where he met again with Jorge Pensi and entered a working collaboration. In 1984, Lievore founded on his own Alberto Lievore & Asociados. Jeanette Altherr [a German designer and stylist], studied industrial design in Darmstadt. She moved to Barcelona initially to go to school and, later made it her place of residence just as Alberto Lievore had. Manel Molina a Barcelona native had started working at the studio of Miguel Mila after school. In 1999, the studio changed its name to Lievore Altherr Molina, thanks to the incorporation of Jeanette Altherr and Manel Molina, and expanded then its activity to product design, interior design, ephemeral architecture, packaging, teaching, consulting and art direction of various companies (Andreu World, Exedra, Doce and Perobell, for instance.)

Lievore is a straightforward symbolic designer who captures the true nature of the object he is trying to portray into his designs seamlessly, as he strives to create fresh, crisp, essential designs that are also very functional, and is now considered a great of Spanish design. Molina is a strong designer with a bit of a flare for the unique and understated, as his designs bring a whole new meaning to practicality and utilization. Altherr is a cool, unnerved woman with style exuding and her passion for it all the time, and everything she creates, as three different personalities mesh to become one.

The Lievore Altherr Molina studio focuses on product design, consultancy and art direction work for a number of companies, offering personalized solutions to industry. Known by its furniture design, Lievore Altherr Molina also develops interior design projects, packaging and product design. In many opportunities, the Lievore Altherr Molina studio gives seminaries and courses cooperating with several Spanish universities in the forming of another generation of creative professionals.

Lievore Altherr Molina have done creative work throughout Europe and are known for a number of memorable pieces, such as the Lineal Lounge Chair. Lievore Altherr Molina have regular commissions from furniture giants such as Andreu World, Disform, Verzelloni, Donna, Prenatal, Lema, Arper, Do+Ce, Thonet, Foscarini, Halifax, Poltrona Frau, Arruti, Bellato, Casamilano, Concepto Casa, Davis, Dona, Emmebi, Metalarte, Perobell, Santa & Cole, Segis, Sellex, Sunroller, Tacchini, Tisettanta, Verzelloni, Vibia, Bernhardt Design and Danerka etc.

Award-winner with Spanish National Design Award (1999) Lievore Altherr Molina has received numerous awards and special mentions, both in Spain and abroad, for its work, including several ADI-FAD Deltas Gold and Silver. Lievore Altherr Molina has held both individual and joint exhibitions in Barcelona, Cologne, Chicago, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon, London, Louisiana, Madrid, Malm, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Lievore Altherr Molina designs are featured regularly in Spanish and international trade magazines.