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Outstanding entry level monitor arm.



Lima Arm

  • Single or dual monitor arms
  • Supports up to 6.5kg in monitor weight
  • Height adjustability achieved using push button technology
  • Tool less installation (with the exception of fixing VESA plate to monitor)
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Stocked styles, finishes and colours may vary (AUS/NZ only)

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Lima arm is easy to install and adjust as either a single or dual screen solution. With the press of a button, Lima allows you to move a screen up or down to the ideal height. And if you’re working with dual screens, you can move each one independently. Being able to tailor each screen height and distance to your unique needs helps you adopt a good posture and allows for healthy interaction between you and your technology.

Lima’s head offers the ability to tilt the screen up to 800 back or 100 forward. This helps you set the screen to your unique specifications, taking into consideration lighting in your workspace and the increased use of touchscreen devices in the modern workspace.

It comprises of a clamp, post and require minimal tools to install. The post and clamp comes in one piece, which attaches to the desk using a thumbwheel screw, and the arm then slides into the grooves on the post. Material selection and ‘design-for-disassembly’ make Lima 100% recyclable at the end of its operational life.


CBS Design

Founding Director Peter Bosson’s early ergonomic research with Italian computer manufacturer Olivetti laid the foundations for CBS design policy. Two of our proudest early accomplishments include designing and developing the World’s first monitor arm Gemini and World’s first flat-screen monitor arm Wishbone.