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Integration of technology into furniture




  • Integrated desk reservation

  • Occupancy sensor

  • Wireless / wired charging

  • Track user location

  • Reporting on space utilisation

  • Optional GPO point addition

Lead Time Guide: 6-8 Weeks

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Floorsight is a workpoint integrated desk reservation solution offering frictionless check-in and checkout of spaces, combined with occupancy sensing and wireless / wired device charging.

Use the Floorsight puck to make any space bookable, track user location, offer wayfinding and gain insights into actual space utilisation for space planning, all while providing the user a convenient charging solution for the phone and laptop.

No swipe - No power

For ultimate workpoint control a soft-wiring integrated power relay can be installed, which keeps the desk and all desk devices such as monitors and docking stations powered off until a valid user has checked into the desk. The Puck warns when a reservation is about to expire, so that the power does not cutoff unexpectedly.



Floorsense creates powerful software and hardware solutions for optimising the agile workplace. Used by both Government and large corporates across Australasia and Asia, our products include space reservation, occupancy sensing, meeting room booking and way finding solutions, along with highly integrated wired and wireless charging systems. Our products enable businesses to make critical decisions about their real estate, save cost and improve efficiency, while providing end users with simple and elegant tools to work in an agile manner.