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Flo Plus

Dynamic monitor arm for heavy screens.



Flo Plus Dual Monitor Arm

  • Dual monitor weight range: 3.25 - 8kg per screen
  • Portrait/landscape screen mounting
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Quick-release monitor mounting
  • Self-balancing tilt adjustment & levelling of individual monitors
  • Individual fine height adjustment (12mm) to align monitors
  • Central swivel joint to level complete dual bar installation ** Stocked styles, finishes and colours may vary (AUS/NZ only)

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Flo Plus

With a maximum screen weight limit of up to 18kg, Flo Plus is the most environmentally-friendly and reliable product of its type. Unlike most rival arms in its class, Flo Plus is able to use spring technology (as opposed to a gas strut which fails after an average of five years usage and is environmentally unfriendly). The use of adjustable spring technology also ensures that the heavier screen can be perfectly balanced.

Flo Plus Single comes with a head mount to support a single screen in the load range of 8.5 - 18kg. It is compatible with a split clamp designed to fit in restricted space at rear of the desk comes with an integrated cable management to prevent clutter of cables. The Vesa Plate attached to the arm allows users to rotate their screen portrait to landscape. It also consists of a visual indicator gauge for easy replication when installing multiple monitor arms.

Flo Plus Dual is designed to support dual monitors Technical specifications to a maximum combined weight of 16kg. It allows two widescreens of up to 24” in size to be mounted in either portrait or landscape position. Both heads have fine height adjustment, ensuring that screens can be perfectly aligned. The screen support heads have been designed to be reversible, enabling the user to install the screens in a 30° cockpit or flat screen setup by simply swapping the heads around on the support bar.


CBS Design

Founding Director Peter Bosson’s early ergonomic research with Italian computer manufacturer Olivetti laid the foundations for CBS design policy. Two of our proudest early accomplishments include designing and developing the World’s first monitor arm Gemini and World’s first flat-screen monitor arm Wishbone.