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A dynamic monitor arm designed to move with you.



Dynamo Single Dynamic Arm

  • Dynamic gas strut for tool-less height and tilt adjustment
  • 180 degree locking mechanism
  • Load rating of 2-8kg
  • Optional detachable VESA mount laptop tray

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Dynamo is a dynamic monitor arm intuitively designed to deliver seamless handling across installation, mounting and adjusting. Dynamo effortlessly rotates, pivots and extends, enabling tool-less and absolute adjustment to minimise eye and posture strain.



ZENITH Design is a research and development team of twenty industrial designers, product engineers and CAD operators, passionate about creating adaptable and innovative workplace solutions. Considered one of the leading design teams in the Asia Pacific, ZENITH Design’s emphasis on understanding and collaborating with the client ensures all outcomes are achieved.

ZENITH's capacity to research, prototype and test products is an integral part to their design process. By putting an emphasis on researching global trends and anticipating the ever-changing climate of technology in the work environment, ZENITH not only responds to demands in the market but pioneers and innovate.

Boasting a portfolio of dynamic and diverse products, ZENITH creates products that not only adapt, but grow with the business, people and technology. With the capability and facilities to manufacture locally, ZENITH products are exceptionally designed, customised and thoroughly tested for product suitability and usability to suit individual needs and user requirements.

In keeping on top of market trends and product innovation, ZENITH Design has branched into virtual reality to facilitate and create unique opportunities for the future. A powerful tool utilised by not only the R&D team, but it allows clients to visualise and experience a range of spaces, layouts and upholstery options.