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Tables with synchro mechanism that lowers the brakes as top folds down. Two handbag hooks standard on every table.



CTZ Table

  • Available in three sizes
  • Compact parallel stack
  • Handbag hooks and storage shelf as standard
  • Optional cable management system
  • Modesty panel available

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CTZ sets new standards in the design of flip-top tables for meeting, conference and training rooms. Designed by Taku Kumazawa.

Winner of the Good Design Award in Japan, CTZ flip-top tables bring to the market features that enable anyone to use the table confidently at any time. One person can set up or store away with a simple lever action.

CTZ flip-top tables incorporate straight line structural beauty with smooth operation and handling. The unique leg design was born in pursuit of function, strength and design using die cast aluminium to achieve high precision and a beautiful durable glossy finish.

The CTZ Table base is certified by GECA as an environmental alternative.

The patented synchro top mechanism of this CTZ flip-top table enables the leg stoppers [brakes] to rise and lower within the height adjustable castors with the movement of the table top. These stoppers grip the floor surface achieving a high degree of stability. The height adjustable castors compensate for uneven floors.

Hooks are standard on both ends of the CTZ flip-top table on the upper column which are great for hanging handbags rather than leaving on the floor underfoot.

With the top folded down, a basic storage shelf is created below for text books or note book covers.

An optional cable management system and optional modesty panel is available for all three CTZ flip-top table widths and does not impair flipping the top or stacking.

The parallel stack design enables the CTZ flip-top table legs to stack tightly together in a beautiful and compact way. The design is such that there is no horizontal stacking creep to the left or right.

Table tops are available in super lightweight honeycomb construction with ABS edge.

CTZ flip top tables have been carefully designed for environmental friendliness.

  • Simple construction of CTZ table enables it to easily disassemble into work surface, table frame, beam, left and right leg and foot, modesty panel and casters by removing the screws.

  • The steel leg and extruded aluminum base joined by just two screws are easily disassembled.

  • These features allow for the replacement of parts if necessary, extending the life of each table. Even if you want to replace only one foot, it is no problem to change.

  • All components made of steel, aluminum and resin and except if wood components, are 100% recyclable.

  • Work surfaces supplied by Aichi are made of 100% recycled particleboard.

  • Modesty panel is made of recyclable ABS resins.

STORAGE CALCULATIONS: 450mm depth top stores at 885mm high 140 x qty + 330 = D ie. 10 tables store 140mm x 10 + 330mm = 1730mm depth.

600mm depth top stores at 1030mm high 140 x qty + 450 = D ie. 10 tables store 140mm x 10 + 450mm = 1850mm depth.


Taku Kumazawa

Taku Kumazawa was born in Aichi, Japan in 1970. Immediately following his graduation in Industrial Design at the Nagoya University of Arts in 1994, he joined the R&D Division of AICHI CO.,LTD. Taku is head of new product development [public furniture] and is a associate director of the Design Development group in the Comprehensive Planning Division.

Taku Kumazawa continually provides Aichi with new design and concepts and has been the recipient of the "Good Design Award" in Japan for 11 products.

His latest stacking chair Tipo was awarded of a Special Prize of the Good Design Award and also red dot award, product design 2011 in Germany.