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The first indoor outdoor table.



BuzziPicNic Bench

  • Upholstered cushion
  • Solid Oak or Ash
  • Clear finish, stained or lacquered

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BuzziPicNic can be used as a dining table, a temporary workstation, as a fixed place in the office for holding meetings or all three.

The revolutionary aspect of the design is the ability to have BuzziPicNic with split levels: you can work at two different heights at the same table, either sitting or standing.

BuzziPicNic comes in six different models: PicNic Desk low/high; PicNic Meet low/high; PicNic Side low/high; PicNic WorkBench; PicNic Seat Bench and PicNic Round.

Cable entry is integrated into the worktop with a cover which allows you to transform BuzziPicNic from a lunch table to a temporary work space. BuzziPicNic finished in wood comes with grooves in the top to accommodate the BuzziDesk FlipFlop screen and has a holder for tablet devices and smartphones. It is also available in HPL finishes.

BuzziPicNic Desk low and high is combined with an optional Connect Panel either in wood or BuzziFelt. Connection brackets and screws are also included.

BuzziPicNic WorkBench can be coupled with the BuzziPicNic Seat Bench which is available with an optional cushion pad upholstered in approved fabrics.

BuzziPicNic Round is a round table available in different sizes. The “round table creates a different dynamic because of the way people are seated. It will give the impression that the flow of ideas circulates better and is enriched by everyone around the table,” says designer Alain Gilles.


Alain Gilles

Brussels designer Alain Gilles is somewhat of a latecomer to the design world. After studying political science and marketing management, he spent some time working in the financial sector, before going back to study Industrial Design at the ISD in France.

He first joined designer Xavier Lust, later followed by Quinze & Milan, before opening his own design studio in 2007.

He soon developed a very personal approach to product and furniture design, and has since worked with many international manufacturers, including Casamania, Bonaldo, Buzzispace, Galerie Gasserez, Qui est Paul, and Osun ,

For OSun he designed the Nomad solar lamp, a clever alternative to the widespread and often dangerous use of kerosene lamps in developing countries. Launched at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair, Nomad is durable and portable, and the solar-powered lamp provides six hours of light when fully charged.

In 2012 Alain was named Designer of the Year at Interieur, an award supported by the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent