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Soundscapes sculpted by insects.




  • Acoustic panel
  • Fixed on the wall horizontally or vertically
  • Various combinations
  • Various colours & shapes

Lead Time Guide: 14-16 Weeks

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Mut Studio became inspired by the exhibition rooms dedicated to entomology and their terrifying showcases of insects. Their new project for Sancal starts with the need to resolve the uncomfortable problem of background noise, overcoming the difficult balance between sound dissipation and decoration. Along with creating a beautiful and harmless bug. And so, Mut Studio designed the sound-absorbing panels that is oversize with the perfect specimen of a beetle. Available in six basic shapes, up to three panels can be attached with a timber support. The design offers boundless amount of combinations in various colours and shapes — simulating the biodiversity of beetles in nature.



Mut is a design studio founded by Alberto Sánchez and made up of a multidisciplinary team. It is also a publisher whose principles are based on emotional design. When Mut was created, the aim was to experiment and redefine the objects of daily use. This is the hallmark reflected in each project of this enterprising atelier. The independent character has made possible to turn Mut into a design icon, and after being present in different international fairs regularly, its success has no limits. Mut, a laboratory of ideas in constant boiling.