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Zenith Care: Bringing Innovation to Healthcare

Zenith extends their reach to the health sector with a carefully curated range of products.

In branching into healthcare, there were a number of important factors. We wanted to be able to provide solution-based furniture that would not only increase comfort and enhance patient recovery but also reduce the stress and physical fatigue of caregivers. The entire collection has an em­phasis on safety and support without comprising on style and design.
However, there is nothing ‘in­stitutional’ about the designs. The furniture conveys to users and patients a sense of comfort and relaxation, placing the focus back on people without losing sight of stringent functional requirements thus meeting all ergonomic and hygienic demands of the healthcare environment


Is Design Too Important to Leave to the Designers?

Let’s ask the best design minds currently working in the most important sector … health.

“[t]he state of knowledge of evidence-based healthcare design has grown rapidly in recent years. The evidence indicates that well-designed physical settings play an important role in making hospitals safer and more healing for patients and better places for staff to work.”

Healthcare Event

Come visit us at Victorian Healthcare Week at Stand 6, Pullman, Melbourne Albert Park 28-29 August 2017


A collection designed with care homes & facilities in mind.

Boomerang is the result of an extensive ergonomic study for the elderly with emphasis on ease of movement for sitting and support when getting up. Good back and seat support designed to promote a correct posture.

The Modern Aged Care Facility

Enhanced wellbeing through design & aesthetic appeal.

What makes a good aged care facility? Is it the amenities? Or does it come down to the service provided for the elderly residents?

Bill of health: Reflections on contemporary healthcare design

How is the design of healthcare facilities evolving, both in Australia and further afield?

Stefano Scalzo reflects on the themes that emerged from conversations at the 2016 Health Care / Health Design forum hosted by Architecture Media in Sydney in October 2016.

Project Profile

Perth Children’s Hospital for the WA Government

See our latest Healthcare project.

Designed to Care: Putting People Back into A+D

As the health sector across Asia Pacific undergoes new challenges, we look to our A+D community to design solutions for tomorrow. Zenith Interiors have done just that!

The design industry – and in particular, its media professionals – practice quite a number of bad habits. In this, I am admittedly the last to “j’accuse” … those in glasshouses, et cetera. But, I will say this. Too often, when we speak about design in the healthcare sector, we limit ourselves to nit-picking building codes and standards assessments. We speak (at length!) about hypotheticals – and yet, surprising little about post-occupancy. And, it never ceases to shock me particularly within this space, but some of us will discriminate according to design frameworks, forgetting that disease knows not how to discriminate.

Doctor Doctor…Give Me the News

An in-depth look at what the Architecture and Design community has learned from medical history and the relationship between people and the spaces they occupy

A simple question: should A+D have a check-up? It sounds facetious, but this question isn’t too ridiculously outlandish after all. You see, our creative practitioners across A+D are beginning to look further afield, to equally advanced and tech-embracing practitioners in unrelated sectors. Among these, the medical field in particular is proving to be eye-opening. And it all started more than 50 years ago.

Navigating the Healthcare

A guide for Architects and Designers.

The supply and demand for healthcare in any country depends on a combination of health/illness patterns and social, economic, environmental and technological variables.

Home Comforts

Taceo is a collection that facilitates the activities of everyday life.

Consisting of a number of iterations such as the stacking chair, stool, armchair, lounge chair and sofa lounge, the series offers ergonomics and safety. Other features include adjustable armchairs, integrated standing aids and wheelchair-accessible tables.

Lottus Plus

Without compromising the design of the collection, antibacterial properties has been added to prevent the transmission of infections spread through contact, making it the ideal seat for healthcare environments.

With the addition of the chemical agent Vibatan PP/M Bacteriostatic 02518 to the polypropylene shell, the Lottus Plus antibacterial chair inhibits the reproduction of bacteria. Lottus is also AFRDI static load tested at 330kg

Healthcare Event

Come visit us at Australian Healthcare Week in the new ICC Sydney at Darling Harbour 8-10 March 2017. Site 14

Cache – Bariatric Chair

Cache accommodates the majority of today’s population in a range of applications.

Cache is a stacking chair with or without arms and comes in two different back shapes, In or Out. The range is available in three widths. AFRDI Static load tested at 407kg!

Giving Carers a Break

Zenith’s Care range provides ergonomic solutions to the unique challenges faced specifically by employees of the health­care industry.

Buena Nova

A highly versatile product with style, comfort and an option of removable seat liners for hygiene.