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Educational spaces are a hive of energy as modern approaches to learning actively embrace more collaborative efforts.

In this new wave of education, it is vital that the furniture and technology in these spaces embody flexibility and work together to naturally support and promote active learning.

Zenith provides dynamic and reconfigurable furniture solutions that allow both students and educators to create the most effective environment for learning. By enhancing the adaptability of a space, Zenith’s products effortlessly ensure that the focus remains on students performing at their best.

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Project Profile

University of Tasmania - Maritime Museum

Zenith supplied Belite and Miles conference chair seating solutions to create comfortable and flexible workspaces.

Project Profile

Auckland University of Technology

Zenith supplied a range of loose furniture solutions to create defined breakout spaces for collaboration, privacy and focused areas.


Flexibility in seating & tables that disrupts tradition

Through understanding the enormous potential of user-centred design thinking, this portfolio of mobile, modular, reconfigurable and versatile furniture aims to celebrate the dynamic nature of the contemporary workplace, while also providing the all-important tools of both individual and collective end-users.


Tipo is a collection of high density multi-purpose stacking chair with a choice of different back and seat options

The aesthetic, comfort and functionality of the amazingly light weight Tipo mesh stacking chair sets a new direction in the evolution of stacking chairs, making it perfect for the Education sector.

Project Profile

Murdoch University’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate Common Space by IA Design

To generate an improved sense of community and collegiality, Zenith supplied multiple functional and innovative loose furniture, driving a fun, welcoming and energetic environment.


Responding to the demands of dynamic working environments

Mote is versatile and reconfigurable to suit spaces for meeting, learning, focusing, or relaxing. With multiple accessories like whiteboards, screens, work shelves and bag hooks, Mote is the perfect addition to education spaces.

Project Profile

Charles Sturt University’s innovative campus in Port Macquarie designed by BVN

Zenith supplied the full scope of workstations and loose furniture to the innovative campus development at CSU Port Macquarie. CSU sought to provide students a real-world learning environment and a campus experience that integrates learning, living and working.

Ad-lib Scholar

In a class of its own.

A multi-purpose chair designed for educational and training environments. Ad-Lib Scholar features a rotational foldaway tablet larger than the usual laptop size, under seat storage and integrated cup holder.


Starring and filmed by the charismatic designer himself, Taku Kumazawa.

The film takes you through the many features which sets this exquisite nesting folding table apart from anything else!

Project Profile

UTS Building 10 is the latest in Agile Workspace designed by Wetherill Gardiner Architects.

The former Fairfax building in the heart of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) campus has been refurbished to accommodate the Faculty of Health & Science.


A collaborative masterpiece

“An admiring nod to our favourite creative city on the planet – Melbourne”, says designer Michael Alvisse.


A system of organic pod formations

Offering privacy and areas for concentration Cloud is a perfect solution when you need to focus.


Acoustics play an important role in Education.

This BuzziScreen room divider helps define a space with the added value of noise absorption. The panel is covered with absorbing foam and fabric, reducing noise while offering privacy at the same time. Available in 3 different heights and a variety of colours and fabrics, and are pinnable.


3000 Split Back 2 Seat Lounge
3000 Standard 1 Seat Armchair
3000 Standard 2 Seat Lounge
3000 Vertical Back 1 Seat Armchair
A-Pult Lectern
Ad-Lib 4 Leg Frame Stacking Chair
Ad-Lib 4 Star Base Conference Chair
Ad-Lib 5 Star Base with Castors Light Work Chair
Ad-Lib Cantilever Frame Stacking Chair
Ad-Lib Scholar Chair
Ad-Lib Skid Frame Stacking Chair
Ad-Lib Work Chair
All Sorts Chaise Lounge
All Sorts Lounge
All Sorts Lounger
All Sorts Ottoman
Banc Cabin
Banc Modular Bench System
Belite Chair
Beside Height Adjust Task Chair
Beside Hybrid Chair
Beside Stacking Chair
Boomerang Table
BuzziCube 3D Ottoman
BuzziCube 3D Trio Ottoman
BuzziLight Alhambra
BuzziPleat LED
BuzziProp LED
BuzziSpot 3D Ottoman
BuzziTile 3D
BuzziTile 3D Hexa
BuzziTile 3D Metro
BuzziTile 3D Penta
Cache 17.5"
Cache 19"
Cache Bariatric
Casper Chair
Casper Stool
Chat Ottoman
Chat Stool
Circo Conference Chair with castors
Cognac Stool
Conic Lounge Chair
Conic Tub Chair
Conic Tub Chair On Pedestal Base
Crystal Stool
CTZ Table
Daylight Stacking Chair
EDO Armchair
EDO Campfire
EDO Curve
EDO Lounge
EDO Low Armchair
EDO Low Lounge
EDO Low Modular Lounge
EDO Low Modular Lounge Chair
EDO Meet
EDO Modular Lounge
EDO Modular Lounge Chair
EDO Ottoman
EDO Teahouse
EDO Work Lounge
EDO Workpod
Elios Chair
Fitzroy Laptop Table
Flint Lounge
Flint Ottoman
Flint Single Lounge
Gather Around Modular Lounge
Haven Bench
Haven Bench With Bulwark
Haven Pod Duo
Haven Pod Solo
Haven Single Seat Armchair With Headrest
Host Laptop Table
Kaiak 4R Fixed Chair
Kaiak 4R Swivel Armchair
Kaiak 4R Swivel Chair
Kaiak Armchair
Kaiak Spin Armchair
KISSEN High Table
KISSEN Workstation
Latte Stool
Lilypad Table
Lottus Chair
Lottus Office
Lottus Sled Stool
Mason Highback Sofa & Modular Lounge
Mason Sofa & Modular Lounge
Method Recycling
Mobius Modular Lounge
Mobius Modular Ottoman
Mote Sofa
Open High Table
Open Lounge - 4 star base
Open Lounge - Wire Frame
Open Lounge with Headrest - Wire Frame
Open Meeting Table
Open Sofa
Pause Coffee Table
Pause Dining Table
Pause Screen
Pause Two Seater Modular
Pause Two Seater Love Seat
Pebble Ottoman
Pebble With Back
Rumba 2 Stage Workstation
Rumba Workstation
Stiletto Workstation
Theo Bench
Theo Chair
Theo Stool
Theo Table
Tipo Nesting Chair
Tipo Sled
Tonina Chair
Tonina Chair With Arms
Trillipse Armchair
Trillipse Cantilever
Trillipse Cantilever Armchair
Trillipse Stacking Armchair On Castors
Trillipse Stacking Chair
WB High Stool
WB Low Stool
WB Mid Stool
Wes Armchair
Wes Chaise
Wes Lounge
Wes Ottoman
WWM Conference Booth
WWM Lounge Pod
WWM Meeting Booth
WWM Work Booth
WWM Work Pod

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