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Jean-Marie Massaud

Born in Toulouse in 1966. Jean Marie Massaud is one of the most sensitive advocates of organic design, Jean-Marie Massaud seeks the perfect balance between the room and the object, thus creating objects so that they no longer appear as functional products, but rather as ceremonious sculptures dispossessed of technology and integrating themselves into his spatial concept through their beauty and emotionalism.

Jean Marie Massaud is fascinated by scientific imagery, and as a child dreamed of becoming an inventor. He graduated from ENSCI (Paris) in 1990 and began collaborating immediately with Marc Berthier. While working on urbanism issues, he discovered the intimate link between design and architecture, relating to similar implications in the creation of our environment and life experience. The key to his continued success lies in his ability to create magical designs that are full of vitality, and never ordinary.

In 2000, he founded Studio Massaud together with Daniel Pouzet, and soon became immersed in architecture as well, creating edifices for Lancme, Renault and Poltrona Frau. Other commissions include large-scale projects such as the Vulcano Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico and the Tribeca Condominium Towers in New York. He has also worked closely with B&B Italia and Porro.

Jean Marie Massaud's inventiveness and wide-ranging enthusiasms have allowed him to cross boundaries and succeed in various design fields, from furniture design to industrial products. Companies with whom he has collaborated include Armani, Axor, Baccarat, Cappellini, Cassina and Yamaha Offshore. He has redefined the architectural brand images of Lancme and Renault and has directed large-scale projects such as: the Tanabe House (Fukuoka, Japan), a 50,000 seat stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico.