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LT is a height adjustable laptop table suitable for the agile workplace.




  • Height range of 600mm to 750mm
  • Compact laminate surface in white or black

Lead Time Guide: 8-10 Weeks

Specifications Warranty

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Modelled to be portable, LT is available with a compact laminate work surface, powder-coated steel pedestal and is designed to suit any work space. With a quick twist to achieve its desired height, knurled lock nut and accent collar in brass or stainless steel is featured on the table.


Savage Design

Founded by Joel Savage and James Groom in 2011 in Sydney, Savage Design is a unique homewares and metal furniture design company that gets its inspiration from architectural and industrial elements found around the world.

We first discovered the excitement in working together when we were undergraduates at university. Often collaborating on projects, we found it easy to work together and bounce ideas off of each other. The idea of one could easily inspire the other, and our dynamic team thrived on this easy chemistry.

After graduation, we went separate ways in order to expand our knowledge and gain hands-on experience. Joel spent time learning more about the manufacturing phase while James worked in the area of exhibition design. In 2011 we decided to join forces here in Sydney to create an outlet for our creative ideas in metal furniture product design and clever homewares. Supporting our respective ideas, knowledge and experiences with the backbone of our powerfully inspired chemistry, Savage Design was born.