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The perfect modular system for an office that's anything but routine.



Cellular Working Desk

  • Single or configurations of three
  • Four and twelve legs in steel tube
  • Optional panel upholstered in single or two-coloured
  • Optional accessories: whiteboards & hooks
  • Optional electrification
  • Plastic glides or felt glides

Lead Time Guide: 12-14 Weeks

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Cellular is redefining the way we work: it’s modular, combinable and just wonderful. The well-thought-out design makes it easier to concentrate or to collaborate. First think, then talk, or the other way around, or both at once.
In the world of work there is one thing above all others: individual requirements! No matter whether it’s about concentrated or communicative work, open braining storming sessions or confidential conversations – each situation calls for a different environment. Cellular adapts itself to changing requirements, enabling tailor-made stylish solutions for a wide range of activities. Depending on the direction, a few basic modules suffice to create numerous configurations with totally different functions – creating a private sphere amidst ample, transparent open-space landscapes, or an open atmosphere in communicative team rooms. Cellular offers small retreats in libraries, or lounge-like seating isles in waiting areas. Cellular consists of panels designed with a 60 degree angle with either a work table for sitting or standing at and an easy chair and sofa with or without the panel. There is also a freestanding small side table at a clever height for use with tablet or small laptop.The collection also consists of a working desk either in the form of a single workstation or a combination of three. Also available as an almost closed-off unit with a stylish built-in side table, offering levels of comfort almost on a par with a private office. Optional accessories such as whiteboards, hooks and electrical connection is also available.



“Every piece of design is created through the cooperation between the patron and the artist and from the synthesis of need and inspiration as well as usability and beauty.” Archirivolto was founded in 1983 by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci as an industrial planning, design and architecture studio. For Archirivolto design is beauty, harmony and freedom and cannot therefore be bound by strict, pre-established rules, nor can it be the privilege of a social or cultural elite. The designer is commited to creating beauty for everyone and to make design approachable for an ever-increasing number of people.