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Acoustics is a mighty subject in the Agile Workplace

How often do we hear employees saying, “I can’t concentrate,” and “It’s too loud.” The most common symptom of bad acoustics is frequent or constant distraction from conversations.

When employees are distracted, they are less productive, make more errors and are less satisfied in their work. We offer a collection of creative sound absorbing and sound diffusing products that will help you improve acoustic balance and reduce the reverberation in your workplace or any place where you want to create balanced and pleasant acoustic levels.


Sound Auralisation

Listen to each of the various treatments

Check out how you can improve and reduce the reverberation in your workplace by adding acoustic products.

1. Untreated Room

Reverberation without any acoustic products


2. Semi-treated Room

Improved sound levels when acoustic products are added


3. Treated Room

Improved acoustic quality and noise negation with correctly specified acoustic products



Perfect for dividing up spaces.

BuzziFrio Machu and BuzziFrio Picchu are inspired by the Andes mountain range that stretches through Peru, thus visually transforming the landscape of any office.

Project Profile

Karen Choi of EMKC partnered with Zenith to create a new acoustic and agile working environment.

Upon entry into the main foyer you are greeted by beautiful BuzziFalls……

Profile on expert

Chris Field Associate Principal at Arup

An Acoustic designer specialising in building acoustics, design of performance spaces and evaluation of naturally ventilated buildings, computer modelling and auralisations.


An attractive acoustic wall panel feature that tunes a room in the speech spectrum range especially low to mid frequencies.

The varying depths absorb the different wavelengths improving sound absorption and creating a more pleasant sound experience.

BuzziSpace RT60

The RT60 app, developed by BuzziSpace, measures the reverberation time in each room and suggests products to improve sound quality.

With the simulation tool, you can see the acoustical impact of products in your room.

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Regulating noise is seriously fun!

Check out BuzziCactus, BuzziFalls and BuzziBlox.