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Impressive and uncomplicated

Available as a swivel or cantilever. Finasoft carries the original Fina design collection into the meeting area. Thanks to an innovative dynamic spring-steel linkage to all models, even the base version offers a pleasant, sprung seat feel. The special tilting mechanism option ensures healthy, active seating.

All Sorts

Rich, luxurious and inviting, just like the lovable confectionery that inspired its name.

The All Sorts range of lounges and ottomans from The SD Element combines these traits by layering contrasting densities of foam to give a soft and supportive seat that has a sensitivity to commercial ergonomics.


The agile workplace with Orbis work desk and Cloud pod

Agile Working

Agility is the ability to change the body’s position efficiently.

Agile working is revolutionising offices all over the world, giving back your space with choice to work where you feel most comfortable.