Jarjum Connecting The Local Community
Jarjum Connecting The Local Community

Zenith FG and Formula FG have developed a community support initiative, where we contribute and work directly to support indigenous schools as an area of focus when we can.

Student wellbeing goes beyond education, and being able to help improve the school environment, helps provide a foundation for participation and engagement in education, which supports student achievement and creates positive opportunities.

While attending a cultural panel forum, Zenith FG's Orlando Santos was enthralled by a discussion during the Q+A segment from Sharon, the kindergarten educator at Redfern's Jarjum College. Sharon spoke with such passion about the positive impact the organisation's work was having with the local community. Inspired by the commitment and connection to the community they have, Mr. Santos arranged a visit to the college.

"We just wanted to be a part of the good work they were doing and help where we could," said Mr. Santos. "It was important to us that we embraced the opportunity to connect with our local community and be able to contribute something that would have such a welcome and positive impact."

Jarjum Kindergarten is part of the Jarjum College in Redfern, which provides Primary School education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 4-13 who are not participating or coping in mainstream schools as a result of their domestic circumstances. The college aims to alleviate the social, emotional, behavioural, and health disadvantages experienced so that they can return to mainstream schooling while also providing them with opportunities to pursue secondary education.

Jarjum College opened on the St Vincent's grounds in March 2013 and continues to provide vital support and education for local children. Jarjum provides a wide range of complementary services outside of regular academic classes to ensure students with learning difficulties and disadvantaged backgrounds are able to overcome any obstacles that may be in the way of their education.

Beyond education, Jarjum also assumes a more pastoral care role, with dedicated teachers and staff that attend to medical or emotional needs. Jarjum provides uniforms, breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day, as well as the services of picking the children up from their homes. All these actions lead to close relationships and increased responsibility around the care of these children.

The role of Redfern Jarjum College is to build successful relationships and develop life skills for their students. This includes developing self-determination, self-motivation, and regulation, so more choices and options are available for these children into the future. The children themselves contribute and are being involved in directing their own learning, through agreements and expectations of behaviour. Jarjum promotes an environment by which the children can participate in planning their daily program together with supporting staff and volunteers.

ZENITH Volunteers

To help achieve Jarjum's mission, they welcome support and engagement from the community. Zenith FG reached out and became involved in a recent project, alongside Formula FG, volunteers, and The Electrical Firm to carry out various upgrades among the facilities.

Some of the items included:

  • Welding repairs to the staircase & balcony metalwork
  • Installation of a glass screen to level 3 staircase landing
  • New glass door to level 1 breakout room
  • Metalwork painting throughout level 2 & 3
  • Volunteers from Zenith FG & Formula FG assisting with various tasks
  • Floor sanding and resurfacing on the ground level
  • General clean up and rubbish removal costs
  • Install clear acrylic screens to the balcony metalwork
  • New carpet tiles in 3 rooms
  • 3 rooms all freshly painted throughout
  • 'The Electrical Firm' supplied and installed new lighting to a level 2 classroom & level 1 breakout room.

With continued support from the Jesuits Society in Australia, the staff, local community, local businesses, and the City of Sydney, Jarjums can continue to provide this essential service.

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